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good morning, america. breaking news right now. a dangerous line of tornadoes barreling across the south. reports at this hour of people dropped and major damage in alabama as the fast-moving line of twisters moves east. sam as the up to the minute pictures. game changers. gingrich and romney face off in the next major primaries. is gingrich the man to beat? joins us live in a morning exclusive. gabby's good-bye. giffords' next step in her remarkable recovery. stepping down from the job she loved to get her life back. her touching words to all her supporters and her vow to the future.
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and super showdown. >> it's recovered! >> the new york giants and the new england patriots both win their divisions in the last possible seconds last night. setting up a true battle of the titans for an epic super bowl. a little bit of a rainy monday morning. but not here in new york city. even though it is, but it's not, because the giants' big win. it was almost 1:a.m. before that game ended last night. there is a serious situation right now in alabama, where that dangerous line of tornadoes is causing havoc right now. sam, there are lots of urgent tweets coming in right now. that's how we got the news because it happened see quickly.
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>> you got to imagine it's dark, early, early in the morning in that area. and folks are concerned, you can't get into the region. we have tornado watches and warnings out to northern alabama. we have more than 200 storm reports, about 21 reported tornadoes. in this line from arkansas to alabama. you can see the storm line moving right through birmingham through knoxville. it's the southern line that is so problematic. the reports out of birmingham from abc 3340, there's been a lot of damage. we're even getting tweets this morning that there are folks trapped in debris there, and we're getting twitter pictures out on the line that this is what it looks like. so we know there's a strong tornado on the ground in those areas at least. we're going to take a look at that area this morning. we know rescue teams are working in that area, as soon as they get daylight. we'll get more information out of there. these are the storm reports. again more than 200. there's where the tornadoes are. we'll watch this area for the strongest severe weather throughout the morning. we'll be right on top of that. robin, george. >> this weather so far this year has been so unpredictable.
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>> still unusual, january, mid-january tornadoes right now. >> all right, sam. i know you'll have more for us. let's get to josh elliott. with the other top development stories. >> we have lots to get to. a big scare for people aboard an american airlines flight. 2 hours after leaving brazil, a plane was rocked by unexpected turbulence so severe that a food cart sparked a hole in the ceiling. six crew members were injured, five had to be taken to the hospital when the plan landed safe limit meanwhile, gabby giffords is returning to tucson to finish the meet and greet cut short a year ago. by the shooting spree that left her wounded. the event will be her last as congress woman. abc's jake tapper has more on giffords' emotional resignation. ♪ >> thank you for your prayers. >> reporter: it was a moving farewell. congresswoman gabby giffords in her own words. >> i have more work to do on my recovery.
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so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> reporter: giffords released this video just a little over one year since that shocking moment in a parking lot near tucson where six were killed. >> i don't remember much. from that horrible day. but i will never forget the trust you placed in me. >> reporter: a day that left gabby giffords weak but not broken. >> i'm getting better. my spirit is high. >> reporter: and hopeful. to come back some day to the public arena. >> a lot has happened over the past year. we cannot change that. but i know on the issues we fought for, we can change things for the better. >> in a statement, president
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obama said that he was confident we have not seen the last of this extraordinary american. and that's true, we will see congress woman gifts in the audience of congress tomorrow evening for the president's state of the union address. josh. >> stunning. thank you for that, jake. and again a reminder, george and diane sawyer will anchor live coverage of the president's state of the union tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern. meanwhile, tracy morgan has been rushed to the hospital after collapsing at the sundance film festival. a spokesman sthas morgan was suffering from exhaustion and affe effects of high altitude. doctors say no drugs or alcohol were found in his system. and a story of remarkable generosity and luck. a texas family sightseeing in a small plane like you see here off of honduras when one of the engines died. they crashed into the water upside down. but watch as several boaters get to the plane into the water. there's a 4-year-old boy and his
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mother who appear to be trapped. but as luck and divine intervention would have it. two doctors diving nearby helped treat them after they were brought to the surface, giving them oxygen, among other thing, and now the family, trapped in that plane is back home now. >> wow. >> with a new faith in people, and hear hear, to it all. >> how quickly they reacted. now to joe paterno, the legendary penn state coach died this weekend at the age of 85. and tributes are pouring in, during more than half a century at penn state, he built a legacy that was shaken right at the end by headline making scandal, as you know, involving his top assistant. abc's dan harris, our weekend anchor is there in state college, pennsylvania, good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the bapper headline in the college newspaper says simply "joseph vincent paterno." at the paterno statue behind me, at the paterno statue,
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a growing tribute to a man who did so much, but in one key case, by his own admission, did not do enough. overnight, a huge spontaneous gathering at the statue of joe paterno, they left candles and cards, footballs and flowers. >> hundreds of thousands of people just lost a father figure, grandfather figure. >> it's no secret that at the end of the his life there was a pretty big scandal. do you think in any way that were overshadow his legacy? >> not to the students. we're going to hold on to all of the good things. >> reporter: he coached at penn state for 61 years. his motto "success with honor." his uniform, coke bottle glasses, windbreaker, rolled up khakis and black sneakers. his claim to fame -- repeatedly turning down big nfl offers. >> i stayed, because i felt this is where i would be happier, and that i could do more good. >> reporter: but this past fall, the scandal, jerry sandusky, his former assistant coach for 30 years accused of serial child abuse.
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paterno had been told about one alleged incident, he passed the information along to campus officials but never told police. he was fired. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach. >> reporter: the campus erupted. they're spraying tear gas. the scene last night was very different. >> this is the penn state we want to be shown on tv. >> as opposed to -- >> well -- >> reporter: just nine days after he was fired, paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer. in his final interview with "washington post," he was struggling to talk and wearing a wig because of the hair loss from chemo. >> hey, the good lord's got a reason. you know, i'm not as concerned about me, i've got five great kids. 17 great grandchildren. >> reporter: on sunday morning, 84 days after his last game, joe paterno died at age 85, surrounded by his family.
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and, robin, as you know, so many comparisons this morning to the legendary alabama coach bear bryant who died 29 days after his final game. >> thank you. a lot of people are making that comparison. we'll have mike and mike of espn weighing in on paterno's passing a little later. >> what a career. "your voice your vote," it's a brand-new race to the white house after newt gingrich's stunning comeback in the south carolina primary. the former speaker is riding high, rising in the polls, raising new money and drawing new fire from mitt romney. he'll join us live in an exclusive interview in just a moment. first, abc's john berman. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the ground in florida overnight with stinging new hit on newt gingrich, calling him a failed leader as speaker of the house. >> he actually resigned after four years in disgrace. >> reporter: and new questions about newt's work with freddie mac. >> he's been working as a lobbyist, yeah, selling influence around washington.
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i would like him to release his records. what was his work product there? >> reporter: but romney was in full retreat on one issue. after hemming and hawing for weeks announcing he will release his tax return tomorrow. >> we just made a mistake holding off as long as we did. it was a distraction. >> reporter: romney does see some campaign sunshine in florida. he has a huge war chest and huge organization there. and he still has this guy, rick santorum in the race to split the conservative anti-romney vote. santorum made clear on "this week" he thinks the often nuclear newt gingrich could implode. >> i think he's a high-risk candidate. i said that from the very beginning. >> reporter: newt gingrich, in his corner, two debates this week, his domain. nearly two-thirds of voters in south carolina called the debate key to their vote, and they favored gingrich over romney by nearly 30 points.
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and he has a new twist to his message, romney as an insider. >> one of the things the florida voters get to decide is, do you want the establishment's candidate, governor romney, or do you want somebody who stand force a conservative populous approach that will change washington? that's newt gingrich. >> that establishment is helping mitt romney enforce. new jersey governor, chris christie called newt gingrich an embarrassment to the party. and in a few hours more romney supporters will hold a press conference to go after gingrich's worth at freddie mac. >> right now, the former speaker of the house. good morning, mr. speaker. congratulations on that big victory. >> thank you, george. if i might for just a moment, i just want to comment that joe paterno was a good friend. i had used him while i was speaker as an adviser on personnel issues. he was remarkably wise. very sad to hear about his passing away. he's truly a legend not just in football but the steady work he did for so many years.
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>> no question. >> i just had to comment on that after your report earlier. >> i'm glad you did. thanks, mr. speaker. in your victory, you're getting a spoils of victories which is a whole new volley of attacks from mitt romney and rick santorum. he's going to make a big deal about the money you made from the housing giant freddie mac, the housing crisis in florida. i have a specific question, will you release the consulting contract your company before the florida primary? >> we asked them to work out releasing it. they have a number of confidentiality agreements. i'm very comfortable with it being released. you know, the whole thing is very ironic, george. here's somebody who has released none of his business records who has decided to make a stand on transparency without being transparent. we released an ad last week, in which we show huckabee and mccain in 2007, 2008, both describing romney and fundamentally not honest, not somebody who -- you can see it in his whole style of his campaign.
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let me give you an example. i did no lobbying, period. he keeps using the word lobbyist, because i'm sure his consultants are eltelling him it scores well. it's not true. he knows it's not true. he's deliberately saying things he knows are false. i just think that's what the next week will be like. i'm going to talk about big issues. i'm going to talk about romney care. i'm going to draw a contrast between romney care and obama care. which are virtually identical, and what i would do in developing patient power and allowing people and their doctors to be in charge, so we'll see. we'll see. i think the people in florida will prefer big solutions to small negative attacks. and i think in the end, just as happened in south carolina, governor romney's liberal record in massachusetts, plus the style of his campaign, will end up, i think, having him lose. >> just one follow-up. you said you're happy to have those records released. you first said that a few weeks ago but they haven't been released by the company. do you want them to do it before the florida primary? >> i think it would be very helpful. our attorneys are talking with the company.
7:14 am
you know, i left the company so it's their decision. and the president of the company has to make the decision. i'd be very comfortable releasing them. by the way, j.c. watts, congressman j.c. watts is the head of the freddie mac watch committee for seven years. he's openly publicly for me, he said publicly, i never onced approached him in seven years. rick lazio was chairman of the housing sub committee for four years, he said i never once asked him anything about freddie mac or fannie mae. and "the new york times" reported in 2008 that i spoke to republicans in the house and said do not vote for any money for freddie mac or fannie mae so i actually was against giving them any more money. this strikes me as the opposite of romney's fiction. >> let me get to the character and temperament. rick santorum called you a friend but a high-risk candidate. mitt romney is questioning you. your sobriety and steadiness. and your surrogates have gone further, chris christie has called awe an embarrassment. i know you faced these questions before.
7:15 am
is there any way for you to put this issue of temperament to rest? >> well, first of all, i think you're going to see the establishment go wild in the next week or two. the idea of a gingrich presidency actually changing washington, my ignoring all the powers that be, i have no ties to goldman sachs, for example, the biggest single backer of romney. i have no ties to the power structure. i think they're very frightened of the idea of an outsider. i have managed, with the reagan populist conservative and i have for my whole career. you talk to tony dolan, the reagan speech writer for eight years. you talk to bev mcfarland, who was reagan's national security adviser, you talk to many people i've worked with over the years. i've spent 16 years working to create the house republican majority. i don't know anybody else who did that. i worked for that many years to get welfare reform -- actually 18 years to get welfare reform passed. pretty steady. pretty stable. as speaker, we balanced the budget for four straight years.
7:16 am
those are tough things to do. you rock a lot of boats. you shake up a lot of people. if people want somebody that's going to shake up washington, i can do it. >> mr. speaker -- >> if they want somebody that's timid and manage the decay, they should vote for romney. >> thanks very much. i'm afraid that's all we have time for. come back soon. time for the weather and sam champion. george, we're going to mention there could be slippery roads in the northeast. after the weekend snow, a little warm air moving in there this morning and we'll continue to watch all those strong and severe storms, rumbling through the south. >> all of america's weather in the next half hour. robin?
7:17 am
>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. robin? >> all right, there sam. thank you very much. let's bring in mike golic and mike greenberg from our sister network, espn. co-hosts of "mike & mike in the morning." we want to talk about the matchup between the giants and patriots. first, let's talk about how they got there, guys. one game going into overtime, and greenie, one game we thought
7:18 am
going into o.t. >> absolutely. the thing about sports, you go out there dreaming of always being remembered for your greatest moment. unfortunately, sometimes you're always remembered for your worst and yesterday's games will be games that are always remembered, because of the reasons that the losing teams lost. the missed field goal by cundiff and the two fumbles why kyle williams of san francisco. >> it's tough, because he has the ball in his hands in the end zone. cundiff, you think at least we get it tied in overtime. then he misses it. then in the other game, kyle williams has to be sick making the mistakes he made. >> sometimes, championship sunday will be more exciting than super bowl sunday. but maybe not this time with the rematch between giants and patriots. and let me guess, the headline here, the story line, two qbs, brady and eli manning, what do you think? >> well, for a generation, the debate has been brady and manning. brady and manning. now it's the other manning. if he wins the super bowl, he
7:19 am
will have one more than his brother, doing it ironically in his brother's building, and the conversation will begin is it possible that eli is the best quarterback in that family. >> i think the conversation is going on right now. and now he has a lot less sampling as far as game, peyton has 19 games under his belt, but a lot of that talk is going on now. if eli were to put a second super bowl ring on his finger, he could be leaning that way. >> it would be something around the manning dinner table around the holidays. a final question, can't let you get away without asking about the passing of joe paterno. let me start with you. the reaction that you're hearing from the sports world? >> i mean, it's a sad, sad thing. once you heard that he got lung cancer and he was in the hospital, you had that dreaded feeling of uh-oh, we see that coming. and here's a guy who just horrific circumstances lost his job and that's the only job, you know, he's ever had and ever wanted. and it changed so many lives. and it just ended in such a
7:20 am
horrible way. i'm sure people have mixed feelings. such greatness with the man but it just ended so horrible. >> it's like a greek tragedy. there's really no other way to describe it. it's much too soon to decide ultimately, robin, what his legacy is going to be. you have basically half a century of an impeccable record of great work and people who will revere him doing it the right way. the way it ends is so fresh in people's minds, i think it will take some time before any of us could decide exactly what his legacy is going to be. >> i think that's well said. we've got a couple weeks until the big game. we'll have your thoughts. think about it. take care. >> can i go to indy? two sfwheex >> that will be a huge game. >> a great game. coming up here on "gma," the jaw-dropping videos showing a young man cyberstalking, invading his victim's privacy by any means possible. >> now, she reveals her side of the story. >> she's here live with us in the studio.
7:21 am
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developing news in oakland. a police standoff has just ended. a s.w.a.t. team had shutdown the 2 00 block of cap street as they belt with a man -- man barricaded in the home. there was police tape up and cars and officers blocking the road. that has been taken down. gauche show fors have been talking to the man and arrested him -- him without incident no one hurt. high winds, standing water still stuff out there live shot of 280 in san jose earlier accident southbound clear lanes on the right moving well northbound headlights towards cupertino, 18 mile an hour in places. live look at toll wet, dark clouds, tough drive on the upper deck into the city. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area forecacacacacacacaa
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live doppler in napa and solano where the strongest storms are now heading southeast into the central valley. another band going to develop and sweep southeast across the and sweep southeast across the bayúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at just look at that startling picture. look at that. a 3 1/2-inch nail right in the middle of a man's brain. he doesn't even know about it for 36 hours but he has recovered. we're going to have that amazing story just ahead. >> he had no idea? >> none. also, it's a case mystifying hollywood after a head was found right near the hollywood sign. now, a new twist, could the sounds a neighbor heard right before the victim disappeared hold the key in that case. >> that's a very strange case. >> speaking of strange ones --
7:31 am
>> yeah. ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> okay, the hardest song in the world to sing. steven tyler is getting an awful lot of comments. non-verbal comments. in that game last night. >> wait, wait, wait. let him bring it home. let him bring it home. ♪ o'er the land of the free >> that's it! that's it. ♪ and the home of the brave >> okay. >> you think he's going to hear it from his fellow "idol" judges. that's ahead. but more on the star targeting women with violence and explicit videos online.
7:32 am
cristian was sensed to four years in prison. is his penalty enough. we're going to talk to kristen in a minute. >> patrick was convicted of cyberstalking. he used every form of social media he could think of to go after his obsession, kristen pratt. prosecutors fear he would do it over and over again. and now she will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. >> reporter: kristen pratt turned away on the stand sobbing, unable to watch the dozens of disturbing youtube videos made her stalker patrick ma shoney. he was on a full scholarship. he reached out on facebook. she says the conversation initially polite quickly turned frightening. >> after a few lies, the
7:33 am
messages started getting really weird. >> reporter: then came hundreds of phone calls. >> i had 30 or 40 calls. >> reporter: then the videos and twitter messages like this one. "it is up to you now to save your life. i have no options." mashoney became homeless, working odd jobs. and is escalated. he started showing up at pratt's home and school. >> i was frightened. at any moment, i could walk out of the building and nobody could see me again. >> reporter: her fears were valid. you can see mashoney videotaping himself in front of her work. he chases her. his first trial ended in a mistrial when he was declared incompetent. this time he took a plea it deal, but doctors say -- he had
7:34 am
this to stay in court. >> i was to apologize. >> reporter: the prosecution argued for 15 years. the judge gave mashoney 4. he will be out in 2 for time served. >> mashoney's lawyers had pushed the judge for outpatient treatment. they argued he needed help. the judge ordered when he's leased from prison, he'll actually be enforced to get regular eninjections. robin. >> joining us now live is kristen pratt. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> you're very welcome. the sentencing was -- how are you doing? how are you holding up? >> i'm glad it's almost -- i feel like it's not over yet. it will never be over. i will always have to deal with it. it's nice to have some kind of closure. actually so much. a little bit less of a burden now. >> sure, sure. at least you know where he is.
7:35 am
>> yes. >> and that's very important to you. your thoughts on the sentencing, kristen? >> i'm glad for the most part. i will know where he's at. but at the same time, 15 years probation is really not long. and he's free to do whatever he wants. with an ankle bracelet. but knowing his mental history, he could really just -- i mean, sounds kind of hollywood, but he could make plans to find me. and considering i want to go overseas and teach english and travel, i might not get in contact with the courts right away. they might not be able to find me right away. so he has a pretty good window. >> and i know the hope is that he will get the help that -- >> yes. >> -- that he needs? >> yes.
7:36 am
>> even though you know where he is right now, i admire your strength and composure. >> thank you. >> i know it's been a very difficult time, the whole ordeal and how sometimes it was tough for you to even get out of bed. the fear -- does it ever leave you? >> never, no. it will never be gone. it's always going to be there. i'm always going to have to worry about something like this happening. >> how has it changed you, kristen? >> there are times when, even if a friend texts me too many times or if i get a couple messages on facebook that i'm not comfortable with, even if it's friendly by anybody else's standards, i immediately get nervous. i get so frustrated that i feel this way. because i'm used to being so strong. >> and trusting? >> yes, i would love to be able to trust people. but i'm just now being able to have friends that i'm able to
7:37 am
handle on a daily basis. >> that's understandable, after all of this. when you look back, were there possibly early signs that you missed when you all were first starting to communicate online? >> honestly, i feel like, no, it was so sudden. it was just like somebody was trying to contact somebody they knew from high school. hi, just wanted to see how you were doing, how your life is going. are you going to college? you working? yes, i am. that's what i'm doing. and then all of a sudden, it got really weird fast. >> how did the police react when you first brought this to their attention? >> they asked me if i knew where he was living or if i could contact him physically, they told me there was nothing they could do. >> fortunately, they changed
7:38 am
their tune and realized this is something very serious. this is something, kristen, the justice department says 3 million people face something like this. what is your advice for is somebody going through this? >> keep pushing, keep yelling, keep trying. at the end, somebody is going to help you. it might be coincidence like it was with me. but just keep going and do everything you can to make sure that if you ever do encounter that person, you can protect yourself, with self-defense, weapons training. i'm not a gun advocate, i have one myself, but for the most part, just do everything you can to protect yourself. that's a big thing. and always know a support system for you. you might not know it right away, but your friends there are to help you. your family's there to help you. and you can lean on them for emotional support, too, because it's an emotional detriment. >> i'm glad your family and
7:39 am
friends have been there for you and we appreciate you coming forward and sharing your story. >> thank you very much. >> all the best, kristen. george? >> now, that incredible story about a man who is very lucky to be alive this morning. he shot a nail into his brain with a nail gun. what's more amazing he didn't realize it for 36 hours. abc's t.j. winick has the story. >> reporter: look at this image. that's a 3 1/2-inch nail lodged smack dab in the middle of a man's brain. that want is dante otullo, just a few days ago, he was doing construction when the nail went in his skull. >> i heard the nail gun and i thought went past my ear but it went into my brain. >> reporter: still not knowing if it actually went in, dante walked around with a nail in his head for the next day and. a half. >> i went salting and plowing
7:40 am
for eight hours. >> reporter: only after feeling nauseous the next day did he seek medical attention. >> i thought he was joking. i go, are you kidding me? he said, no, man, this is in you. >> reporter: he was rushed into surgery. the surgeon says injuries like this are common. >> the possibility of causing infection. >> reporter: dante realizes just how amazing his survival is. >> thinking about my kids. the whole time, i'm thinking about my kids. >> reporter: and is pushing for one last souvenir of his ordeal. >> yeah, i'm trying to get dr. sheaffer to give me the nail. >> a reasonable request. let's get weather from sam. and the west coast has had its share of storms. we'll show you pictures out of palm springs. you know a storm's coming, you're looking outside the window, you see the trees start
7:41 am
to blow and then everything that was on the porch is gone, up to 100-mile-per-hour wind in the palm springs area. with this storm, heavy rain and mountain snow. the snow is definitely necessary here. they've got to get that snow pack in for the rest of the year. that continues from l.a. all the way to danger with that front. you saw at the top of the show, the storms that kicked off from arkansas to >> also, i just want to mention a little bit, inland roads in new england could be a little icy this morning. there's some mild air coming in, but over the weekend, we had that snow. it seemed to be slippery there.
7:42 am
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we're back at 7:45 coming up now. to kate and will taking their last big trip together before he's deployed for six weeks' service. with kate in a $23,000 a week on an exclusive island. and the island is in near lockdown. abc's nick watt has their story. >> reporter: even where locals are blase about locals like j.-lo and mick jagger, they're arching eyebrows. other vacationers' movements are restricted. no one is allowed to ride on golf carts. >> it's to deter the long lenses. and there are a couple of them about. a couple years ago, don't forget, the middletons were just
7:46 am
a regular family. very regular. then kate met the prince, pippa wore that dress, and the middleton, all of them, are now neo-royalty. the girls have been snapped bikini-clad in waters before. now kate is queen of england, and the repeat of snaps like this would not be seemly. >> she'd like to be seen as a demure future queen. and bikini shots possibly aren't in keeping with that. >> reporter: any day now william will join the in-laws in the caribbean for family time before he heads to the south atlantic for a six-week tour as a rescue pilot in the faulkland islands, leaving kate flying solo, lurking alone on her first valenti valentine's day as a duchess. luckily, little sister has tips for valentine's day. "spread the love. make it fun and throw a valentine-themed party." charles and camilla have plans to spend time with them while
7:47 am
william is away. meanwhile, i'm sure, i reckon hanging around that pair may send kate deeper into a love-lorn melancholy. kate is enjoying winter sun. robin, if you've ever spent time in london in january, you'll know how wonderful that can be. >> oh come, i'd love to go to holiday there this time of year. good to see you, nick. thanks so much. and, josh, coming up, has the play of the day. and we go inside the final days of john kennedy jr. and carolyn bessette. who is closest to the family, what she's revealing now. she's revealing now. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people
7:48 am
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here's "the play of the day"! >> i just remember this, the new york philharmonic interrupted by an iphone that would not stop going off. >> right. >> take a look. revenge for musicians everywhere. the older player giving a performance when this happened. >> uh-oh. >> oh, no. >> wait for it. ♪ >> i love that guy! >> that's a ring tone? >> exactly.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi is scheduled to return to court where a trial date is expected to be set. he faces three misdemeanor counts related to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's eve. he has pleaded not guilty. meteorologist mike nicco has been following the rain.
7:57 am
>> we are watching it dissipate, which is good news and starting to move south and east away from us this is the last push other than this tail that is going to move through the bay area over the next hour or two. by 10:00 the rain for this go-round is over. dry and warmer weather starting tomorrow. high wind advisory san mateo bridge, richmond san rafael bridge, bay bridge, most of the bay area bridges. slow traffic as well. take extra time >> the news continuesssssssssss.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ quite a monday crowd despite the rain and the wet here in new york. seal with big news breaking over the weekend, he and his wife heidi klum, looks like they're heading for divorce. we have the official response to the news after seven years of marriage. >> we heard it over the weekend. you're right, they confirmed it this morning. and they renewed their vows every year. caught a lot of us by surprise. and another golden couple, john kennedy jr. and carolyn bessette, they lived in the spotlight.
8:01 am
little has been known of their private life. one of their confidants reveals intimate details of their marriage and their tragic finals days in an exclusive interview. and also coming up, you guys, what do you think the germiest room in your house? before you say it, i can assure you, it's not what you think. >> there's a clue. >> there's a clue, yeah. we're going to tell you what is lurking that could possibly make your family sick. we're going to tell you what can keep that from happening. so important news there. >> but first other news, josh, the tornados? >> that's right. we're actually getting our first look at the damage from more than 20 reported tornadoes that tore across the south from arkansas to alabama. overnight, two people, including a 16-year-old girl were killed in oak drove, alabama near birmingham. rescuers are going door to door for people trapped in homes and sam as more in a moment. meanwhile, off come the gloves from the republican
8:02 am
presidential race now in florida. after his loss in south carolina, mitt romney is on the attack, calling newt gingrich a failed leader, forced to resign as speaker of the house. romney will in fact release his taxes tomorrow. meanwhile, gingrich could keep the momentum going at the first of two florida debates tonight. and congresswoman gabrielle giffords has released an emotional video saying she will resign to focus on her recovery. her last official act comes today in tucson where she will finish the event cut short last year by the shooting rampage that left her gravely wounded. meanwhile, overseas, two more bodies have been pulled from that capsized cruise ship off the coast of italy. the two with women were found in the ship's internet cafe. 22 people remain missing. the crews will begin offsloweding the ship's fuel. and back in this country now. new information this morning in a hollywood murder mystery. investigators have identified the victims. 66-year-old airline retired employee irvie medene. the remains were found scattered
8:03 am
from the iconic hollywood sign, in fact not far. close to the home of angelina and brad. one neighbor reported hearing screaming and yelling from an apartment that he shared with another man. police aren't commenting on the possible suspects. and surprise of sorts in the movie industry on the weekend. "underworld: awakening" topped the box office taking in $21 million. but the fact was the movie in second place, "red tails" the story of the all-black tuskegee airmen in world war ii. much better than analysts expected. thanks in part to get people in theaters. including, bus loads of school kids. let's face it, they just wanted to see a good movie. >> they did have to find time yesterday because it was a sports-rich environment and we have a super bowl rematch. patriots/giants after one of the best sunday football in recent memory. although, boy, these two game, decided as much by miscue, as
8:04 am
well as great plays. kyle williams of the 49ers fumbling not once but twice, boy, those are mistakes that would cost them, as the giants knock on that field goal that september us all mercifully to bed. they go, meanwhile, a kick that cost the ravens their season. billy cundiff. >> oh! >> yeah. pulling that thing. it's never, ever going through the uprights. it would have forced overtime. instead, the patriots escape. and they're on the 23-20 win. so, it's come to this. vegas oddsmakers have the patriots as three-point favorites. interestingly, giants money in las vegas is incredibly loyal. the vegas books took a huge bath on the giants win yesterday. and there's a lot of money out there that have the giants as a 100 to 1 super bowl champion. >> wow. >> if they come through again -- oh yeah, oh, yeah. >> they did it a few years ago. >> they did indeed. what a sunday it was. >> is it too early for you to make a call? you were right on the nba last year.
8:05 am
>> i have two weeks. you want to sit with this for a while. you know -- i mean, brady, manning, brady, manning, fantastic. you don't even have bags under your eyes at all. >> makeup is magic. >> a little spackle, and we love it. >> super bowl party at your house. >> yes, done. first, bop new, everybody. good morning. britney spears might get a very special wedding gift from her father in the form of financial freedom. she lost control in 2007 when things got a little toxic in her life. her dad then was granted conservatorship over the business and personal affairs. today it's been reported that he wants a judge to release him and make brit, quote, a free woman, before she marrieds reportedly on valentine's day in hawaii. last night's big game, the afc championship, a fumble before it even started. steven tyler, with his rendition of the "star-spangled banner." take a look -- or listen.
8:06 am
♪ o'er of the land of the free >> come on now. the facial expressions on the players and bill belichick, for a guy that's a judge -- other singers not exactly a high note for tyler. saying online would never make it to "american idol's" hollywood round of the performance. i give him credit. it's one of the hardest songs to sing. he made his own. even stayed after the game to celebrate. he seemed to be none the wiser. >> he's a big patriots fan. he's a friend of the krafts and it makes sense. >> and he knows how to scream. >> and it's a really hard song to sing. >> and the camera stayed above the waist because he was really following it as he was singing. >> well, he made it his own, robin. >> yes, he did. also in the news, the producers gild awards are considered sort of a crystal ball when it comes to predicting the oscars. if that holds true again, look for the silent filming artists
8:07 am
to make a lot of films this year. we saw him win the golden globe but winning a pga award including the money ball is a litmus test. 15 of the past 22 previous winners have gone on to win an oscar, including the last three in a row. >> got to go see that. >> yes, it's supposed to be fantastic. and we're only 24 hours away from the oscar nomination which we will be broadcasting live as they happen right here on "gma." in anticipation of that, the academy has given us an exclusive look at this, billy crystal and wayne brady's favorite movie memories. it's posted on the oscar's youtube page. there it is. which everyone, they say, should do as well. they want to see everybody's favorite movie memories. also check this out, photo gallery of 84 iconic images. to celebrate the 84th annual academy awards go to to see them. and tomorrow, big day, make sure you tune in for the oscar nominations as they happen. we're going to hollywood!
8:08 am
>> we're going. you guys, leaving you home. >> it's a g-n-o -- girls night out! >> uh-oh. >> yep. >> i'm not sure how that's fair. and that's pop news. >> all right, lara, thank you. let's get outside. a little rainy out there, but kind of warm, sam? >> yeah, it's nice and mild. in this area, we're getting milder air in the northeast after the weekend snow. that means some road surfaces are going to be slippery. let's get to the boards we've got updating to do on this alabama tornado situation. basically we know about 21 reported tornadoes overnight. and more than 200 storm reports of damage there. we've got two confirmed fatalities there because the jefferson county office of emergency management tells us that in the oak grove area. structural damage in maplesville, canton, shotsville, springville, full opiniondale, oak grove, all of those areas having structural damage from what we think is a possible tornado in that area. we'll talk about that throughout the day.
8:09 am
>> and we are live in times square. happy birthday, debbie, by the way. by the way, also, into texas, we've got temperatures that are a little bit above normal, five, six degrees above normal. houston coming in at about 70 degrees as well. all is good in the state of texas. back into the is studio, lara. thank you, sam. here's what's coming up on the "gma" morning menu. it's an exclusive interview with one of jfk jr.'s closest cough confidants. her revelations about his marriage to carolyn bessette.
8:10 am
plus, seal and heidi klum's separation. what the superstar couple is saying about the surprising split. and where the germs are lurking. we'll show you where they are in your house. it might surprise you. and we're going to try to help you keep from getting sick. stay with us, everyone. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ] this is harvest day, the time where all the hard work is paying off. my name is ed pines, and i've been growing oranges for tropicana for 15 years.
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8:13 am
for all the things you do. ghirardelli. moments of timeless pleasure. john kennedy jr. and carolyn bessette, the ultimate glamour couple. paparazzi followed them everywhere until their tragic end. and the new book "fairy tale interrupted" by rosemarie terenzio, let's take a look back. he was the prince of camelot. america's favorite son. they were american royalty, john kennedy jr. and carolyn bessette, living a gilded life ever in the spot light. but behind the scenes was an unlikely friend and confidant, rosemarie terenzio. >> grew up in the bronx, economic background. >> his certainly assistant, she
8:14 am
worked side by side with john for years. >> it isn't politics as usual. >> reporter: she was there for the launch of "george." the birthday, and becoming a super friend to caroliolyn bes e bessette. 12 years after their death, speaking out for the first time, terenzio has written "fairy tale interrupted" an intimate look at the extremely powerful couple revealing the strains on their marriage. for carolyn, it was the perpetual onslaught from the paparazzi. t made him angry. he would say so what. >> reporter: the meaner the press conference caught, the more caroline retreated into
8:15 am
herself. and rosemarie terenzio is here with us. >> thank you for having me. >> how do you feel? i know you're a little -- because he was so private. and you were so protective of his privacy. you didn't even tell friends you worked. so why the book now? >> i think enough time had passed and i felt that my story was ready to be told. and people would be interested more in my story than theirs at this point. and, you know, it's a book about what a great boss he was and what a great friend she was. and how i girl from the bronx ended up in this amazing situation. >> how did that happen? >> well, i worked at a p.r. firm. john was coming in to use office space, and i didn't know why. and my boss at the time michael berman was there with john. and john ended up taking over my
8:16 am
office and i was -- >> were you? >> yeah. >> you are from the bronx. >> yeah. so my bronx came out a little bit and i -- that's exactly how i talked about it. >> probably, he appreciated, a little bumpy of a start. but you earned his trust and he earned your trust. and became truly friends? >> yes, yes. and john had a great sense of humor. when he saw that, he thought, i'm going to get her. first it was going to be like i'm going to ignore him. like that was going to work. he wore me down. he had great sense of humor. he liked to tease. he treated me like a younger sister. so it was fun. >> we learned a lot about carolyn. i know people used this phrase, oh, she was misunderstood. in reading the book, you really had the idea that maybe people didn't know as well as they thought they did? >> yeah, i don't know misunderstood, i think because she was so private people put
8:17 am
their own assumptions on her. i think because of the fact it was john, america's most famous bachelor. she was a little bit of a target for people, you know. they didn't want him -- they wanted him to be there, so carolyn bore the brunt of that, i think. >> also bore the brunt of -- you said he had a great sense of humor but didn't seem to be at sometimes very sensitive to -- >> i think for john, his way of going about it was just get on with it. >> yeah. >> i think he felt because he really couldn't protect her from it, he'd rather not, you know, address it. so in some ways i think he was just being a guy and it was his way of saying oh, there are more important things to worry about. >> he handled so extremely well. i'm sure he wanted that for her, too. >> yeah. and she was getting there. she was starting to realize it was what it was. and, you know, it didn't really affect how they lived their
8:18 am
lives toward the end, even though everyone said that it did. >> you were invited to the super secret wedding. helped plan it but you decided not to go. why? >> well, i thought if i went it would arouse suspicion, for john and i both out of the office, if somebody was trying to get in touch with you, where are you? i didn't know what to say. also the onslaught of friends and media. friends who weren't invited. >> 40 people? >> 30 or 40. which is amazing. most people's weddings couldn't be that shawmall. >> we saw the pictures of the wedding and we thought, good for them. >> that they got to do it in private, it really was. >> what's really garnering head lines is what you wrote about carolyn does not want to go to the family wedding they were on
8:19 am
their way to. we know how that ended. can you replay that again and again that conversation? >> yeah, always that i encouraged her to get on the plane because of what happened, i don't think i'm responsible for the plane going down. you know, i'll always have that regret, maybe had i not encouraged her, she wouldn't have gone. >> and the family hasn't blamed you one iota. >> oh, i don't think so, no. >> when you think -- when they come to mind, what do you think of most? >> i think a lot of with john, what he -- he was so civic-minded and what he could have done. and with carolyn, she had this amazing generosity and spirit. they could have nurtured people. i imagine what they could have done. >> far too short. >> yeah.
8:20 am
i think the book is about more than that which i'm proud of. >> it gives us great insight. rosemarie, thank you. >> thank you. we have new details on the celebrity marriage considered to be one of the happiest in hollywood, mega model and singer seal headed for a big split. now for the 30, the high-powered couple is weeks out. abc's bianna golodryga has the latest. >> reporter: just like in fashion and hollywood marriages -- >> one day you're in and the next day you're out. >> reporter: -- one of entertainment's hottest couples is calling it quits. model heidi klum and singer seal confirms overnight that their marriage is over. >> this news came as a real surprise because i always felt they were a tight knit couple devoted to their families. >> reporter: in a statement leased to "people" magazine, the couple says, while we have
8:21 am
enjoyed search very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul searching we have decided to separate. shocking how inseparable the couple seems to be. here they are singing together at klum's fashion show in 2007. ♪ the power couple was first engaged in 2004 during a vacation in the canada yian rockies. in an igloo no less. and they renewed their vows something klum gushed about on "gma." >> we've been remarried five times already. >> it sounds like fun. >> reporter: in 2009, seal officially adopted klum's eldest daughter from a previous relationship. ♪ >> reporter: celebrity blogs were on red alerts after it took to twitter on friday. posting a cryptic message saying the end.
8:22 am
along with a photo of wings. some wondering if it's of the victoria secret's angle. >> they both have very busy careers. >> reporter: the couple leased overnight saying "we have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much but we have grown apart." for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news new york. >> a big surprise for a lot of people. we wish them are the very best during this very difficult time. now to hidden germs in your house. every year, more than 50 million americans get sick from their own foods mostly in their kitchen. what is making them sick, elisabeth leamy is tracking them down from consumer reports. >> reporter: you know the spots. cutting boards and america's most wanted, the dirty dish rag. you're saying not just icky --
8:23 am
>> if it makes it too icky, it can be dangerous to your health. >> reporter: now gayle williams of "consumer reports" and i are about to bust the offenders. first, there's a hot bed of suspicious activity on your countertop. here's why. >> no! >> reporter: you see, food can contaminate your stuff, but your stuff can also conto aminate yo food. >> we don't have to take your word for it because we have the black light to see the germs. >> reporter: those white spots are hidden germs on the glasses, on the phone. the solution, solitary consignment for all outers. >> let your guard down and these smugglers will bring bacteria from the store right into your kitchen. >> there! look at that. >> that's going right on to your
8:24 am
counter when you put it straight on to your counter. >> reporter: their sentence -- a hard scrub with soap and water. >> okay, gayle, what's next? >> reporter: let's go to the refrigerator, number three is the refrigerator, a cold case but not cold enough to keep bacteria at bay. >> you want to make sure you have appropriate temperature in your refrigerator. one way to test is with a thermometer. >> reporter: we though this fridge has something to hide. >> it's at 42 degrees fahrenheit. ultimately you it wasn't between 30 to 40 degrees. >> that's that, what else? >> reporter: bad boy number four is downright trashy. your garbage. >> people open the door to the garbage, they throw something away and they go right back to what they were cooking. >> ahh! >> reporter: even if you just touch the door your garbage is hiding behind, you need to wash your hands. here's the proof. >> let's flip off the regular
8:25 am
light and this black light, oh, my gosh. all right, gayle, you've shown us four hidden hazards in your kitchen, what is number five? >> it's you. >> me! >> reporter: that's right, me or anybody with sticky fingers. >> every time you come in and touch something, you're bringing in bacteria or germs that weren't here before. >> reporter: let's play the surveillance tape back to see all the surfaces i touched while touring the kitchen. >> are you ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> i'm not. >> reporter: we find fingerprint evidence all over the stove. the teapot. the fridge handle. the faucet. and an entire palm print on the counter. >> wow! now that is incriminating. that is my hand. well, that's the proof that's going to convince people. thank you so much. >> no, thank you. >> oh! i see your point. all right. i'll wash my hands.
8:26 am
>> good idea. >> all right, in my own defense i have put this glow in the dark lotion on my hands before that shoot so we can demonstrate how you can spread germs throughout your kitchen, george. >> i'm sa afraafraid to do that kitchen. there's an old-fashioned solution? >> yes, indeed, washing things more often than you think you need to. for example, this sink looks okay to the nablgd eye. all of those white spots represent bacteria. some germophobes can used these black lights to find the germs and scrub them away. you can get one of these at a hardware for about 15 bucks, george, if you're really paranoid. >> wow, that really shows something. thank you very much. we have a lot more on this on coming right up, joan and melissa rivers. they're going to be live.
8:27 am
they're always fun. plus, sam and josh take on "the heat seekers." good morning i'm eric thomas. water is back on for dozens of homes in the oakland hills after a road collapse. a collapsed when the rain saturated ground gave way. more than 100 were left without power and water. east bay mud restored power saturday and water service late yesterday. crews say it will be a with while before the road is reopened. let's see how commute is going >> still wet and windy. we are going to our waze app.
8:28 am
both directions of the bay bridge slow earlier accident eastbound an ing ti has the eastbound direction slow. -- in san francisco surface street 3rd slow as well, abc7 to find out how to download this app. when we come back meteorologist mike nicco and thththththththththththththththth
8:29 am
here's a look at live
8:30 am
doppler the best radar return in the east bay also moving into marin county from sonoma. these will sweep through and be out of here by 10, 11:00 tops. sunshine this afternoon. winds that running 20 to 35 now will calm down this ♪ ♪ ♪ that's just fine ♪ you're going to be somebody's heartbreak be mine ♪ [ applause ] >> somebody's heartbreak! that is hunter hayes. great to have you here, hunter. >> thank you for having me. >> budding country superstar has
8:31 am
been making music since what, you were like 4? >> ish. >> and he's the ripe old age of 20 now. much more from hunter coming up. >> that is going to be great. also, two guys on a mission in search of the world's spicy dishes. there they are from "the heat seekers." >> they're going to challenge josh. >> that's a spicy duo. but lara's over there with a true spicy duo. right, lara. >> spicy is the operative word. tattoos, infidelity. the real divas of the red carpet are back. joan and melissa rivers. they're with us because they're celebrating the second season of the reality show "joan & melissa." "joan knows best?" believe me, she does. it premieres tomorrow on w.e. with the least favorite red carpet looks, times to buckle up. hi, ladies. >> good morning. >> you look so cute.
8:32 am
>> the gray memo? >> the only one that didn't get it was josh. >> so, guys, i want to talk to you about this new season because in looking at the notes, you're really lettering it all hang out. for example, melissa, you and your boyfriend broke up and you found out in a not very comfortable way. >> yes, because our show is very real. it was interesting to watch our crew and producers suddenly go into almost ducking mode. it happened in realtime. we were going through fertility treatments and all of this stuff. apparently, he was living a very -- >> a double life. >> -- a double life. i found with technology, it's a new frontier in how you can find these things out. >> did you find him communicating with another woman? >> i found him having a lot of webcam relationships. >> wow. >> so i'm just going to leave it at that. so you can see. an interesting -- not interesting -- horrible to watch it unfold in real life. it was very hard on my son.
8:33 am
>> but thank god, we had cameras going the whole time. every time something happens, she goes, thank god there's a camera here. >> joan, you were not disappointed because you were not a giant fan? >> first of all, the food bill dropped. let's talk about that. >> pretty sensitive? >> isn't it? >> he never picked up a check in the three years i knew him. >> oh, wow. >> i want to show everybody a clip. this is from the new season. here you go again. with the plastic surgery. take a look. >> yes. >> hey, mom? no, no, no, we're not doing phone. >> can i get a drink? >> i will get you some water. it is much easier for me to walk around with a telephone receiver in my back pocket than risk my mother anesthesia dialing. >> melissa, something's wrong with the phone. >> mom, do not -- mom, mom, no, do not give him jell-o. he has a very sensitive stomach. >> jell-o, if it's good enough
8:34 am
for the dog, it's good enough for me. >> i'm going to be in the office if you miss me. >> listen to me, go find timmy, save me. >> what does this mean, you can dial up your anesthesia? >> no, i love anesthesia. it's like when i was in college, you know, you have it. you go to sleep in one room, four hours later you wake up in a totally different room. in college, it's great. love anesthesia. >> you looked like you were feeling no pain. >> somehow it's just easier to disconnect the phone and take it with me. >> you are very vocal, with plastic surgery to your mom, number one, why don't you listen? >> well, please, please, i've been pulled so tight i have hemorrhoids in the back of my neck. it's the business. and she gets upset. she's so upset. it's a great -- >> it makes me really upset. mom loves that. >> exactly. >> a lot of people there's a lot of criticism about reality tv not being real at all.
8:35 am
>> oh, ours is beyond real. things happened this year that we couldn't believe. >> like the breakup in realtime. you get to see this sort of relationship implode. >> is that joan with a gun? >> yes, it is. >> and my son. we take my mom on vacation. >> listen, we're running outside of time. red season is upon us. nobody is more brutal on the red carpet and more honest than you guys. we want to show you some of your least favorite looks of at all times. guys, who are you starting with? >> angelina. >> yes, angelina. >> a lot of people loved this. >> it was very polarizing. >> melissa loved it. >> i loved it. >> i think she looked like a slightly [ muted ] >> yes. i'm sorry. >> you really did not say that? >> yes, i did. >> you know what, we have several more. but i'm going to leave it at that. joan & melissa premiering
8:36 am
tomorrow night on w.e. thank you. sam, save me! do weather. >> good morning, everybody. you're in times square. a little showery, a little damp, chilly air but we are getting milder temperatures in. again we remind you if you're driving around the northeast, you had snow over the weekend. the mild air is going to make it melt that the snow. you've got live pictures from we're showing right now in jefferson county, we show you the center of these storms. this line of storms came in. there we go. this one just came into us, we've been told emergency management officials have firefighters going house to house in these areas to make sure that the folks that were in the overnight storms through alabama are okay. and they say they're going to do whatever it takes to make sure they get into every house that could possibly have been damaged. the national weather service has now extended where we think severe storms will run from new orleans, mobile, to montgomery,
8:37 am
to birmingham and atlanta. you're definitely involved in that later on today as the storms refire. we've got showery weather in southern california. l.a.'s getting a heavy dose of rain again. this goes all the way down to san diego. the mountains in california need some snow and you're going to be picking up snow out of this system this time. sunny and gorgeous right behind that front, so anywhere from >> what's your name? >> mary. >> mary. one of my big fears is a sponsor is going to come up, ghirardelli or ghirardelli? what do you think? >> i think just ghirardelli. >> okay, we'll go that way.
8:38 am
ghirardelli chocolates. lara? >> sam, we're all here for you. if it couldn't get spicier with these two, coming up "heat seekers."
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
and it's time to turn up the heat big time with "the heat seekers. roger mooking and aaron sanchez. >> it's not about the heat, it's about the flavors as well. >> why can you taste the flavors when it's so hot? >> it's a fine balance. >> a fine balance. we're going to test it now. >> yeah. >> the killer. >> we have vanilla ice cream, some milkshakes, some milk. >> extinguishing? >> yes. that's the best remedy. >> josh? >> yes, i do. come on.
8:42 am
>> let's start. >> so the idea here, we're going to try to have an escalation of heat. this is mac habanero and cheese. about 20 times hotter than a jalapeno. >> 20 times hotter? >> right. this is warmup chile. this is just a warmup. >> from the top of your tongue and it starts like a little bit of fire there, then it jumps to the roof are your mouth and it's like a wild fire. >> and then goes right down to your toes. >> that was like an hors d'oeuvre. like foreplay. >> and that's wang. >> that's the blue cheese
8:43 am
habanero sauce. >> the reason they have this here, it takes about 90% of the capcin off. >> you down feel it yet? >> no, this is nothing. first of all, my lips are burning but my fingertips are burning. what's up with that? >> all right. >> nice, man. >> i really didn't sleep last night thinking about this. >> now, we're going to move to the big boy. this is the naga viper. >> the viper? >> the second hottest chili on the planet. this is the viper. >> i'll have one. >> all right. this is actually a -- >> that would be from the caribbean. >> yes. >> these are carnitas. >> this is what i consider hot, you guys. wow. >> okay. >> oh, sam --
8:44 am
>> that's not so bad, right, rog? >> josh has gone silent. >> this is really awesome. >> you're turning white. >> first of all when you go to a restaurant -- >> oh! >> yeah! >> you want a little tabasco on my eggs. you think, i just can't get spicy enough. guess what, kids, now you can. >> wow, josh, you made it. >> but josh has gone in for more than one bite. >> oh! >> oh! >> this is over the top. >> cheers! >> wow. >> that's why we do this for a living. >> on the food network -- >> our guys did okay! >> it's a tie. >> no but we're eating the chiles. >> that one? >> that one.
8:45 am
>> no! >> you got to win, dude! >> yeah! ♪ [ sue ] wow! i've been so looking forward to this. when my asthma symptoms returned, my doctor prescribed dulera to help prevent them. [ male announcer ] dulera is for patients 12 and older whose asthma is not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. dulera will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. dulera helps significantly improve lung function. this was shown over a 6 month clinical study. dulera contains formoterol, which increases the risk of death from asthma problems
8:46 am
and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. dulera is not for people whose asthma is well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop dulera and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take dulera more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if dulera can help you breathe easier. ♪
8:47 am
and you thought hotness was just for the former segment.
8:48 am
hunter hayes is one of country's hottest new legends. he played with hank williams jr. when he released his first album. he plays every single instrument on it. we're going to hear a single from "storm warning." first let us welcome hunter hayes. >> that's incredible, what a crowd. >> they've been lining up all morning long. and you play every single instrument on your album? >> yeah, it comes from the way i used to have to do my demos. i do a little instruments and when anywhered writing a song, i thought the only way i would get done is if i used the instrument. >> i got a lot out of it. >> well, you know, a lot has been said about you getting started at a very young age and already playing with legends like johnny cash. >> yeah, way too young to
8:49 am
realize what's going on, right? >> right. >> i look back now and i think, wow, that really happened. johnny cash and hank williams jr., got to meet a lot of people who are my hero. it's amazing to think about it. look back. it's cool. >> you are a true, true talent. >> thank you so much. >> you harken back to original country. we're delighted to have you here. >> these are lyrics right -- >> let him do his thing. with "storm warning" off the debut album, here is hunter hayes! ♪ ♪ yeah yeah come on ♪ she rolled in from the west in
8:50 am
a summer sundress hotter than the heat in july ♪ with her windblown hair it just wasn't fair the way she was blowing my mind ♪ ♪ every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this she's a cat five kind keeps you up at night hanging on the edge of a kiss ♪ ♪ she's a beautiful mess the kind you love to love but what happens next i got a feeling when the sun culls up ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning i'm gonna wish i had a sign ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a little heads-up legal wee little more time ♪ ♪ some kind of radar system locked in on love i got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning ♪ ♪ ain't it funny how it feels
8:51 am
when you're burning your wheels somewhere between going and gone ♪ you get so lost you can't turn it off you give in and you just turn it on ♪ ♪ she's a heart full of rain red lips like a flame she's the girl from your favorite song ♪ ♪ what a beautiful mess one part angel one part perfect one part brick ♪ ♪ the kind of flood you'll never forget ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warn i warning i'm gonna wish i had a sign i'm gonna wish i had a little heads-up ♪ ♪ some kind of radar system locked in on love i got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning ooh yeah ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning i'm gonna wish i had a sign ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a little heads-up a little way little more time ♪ ♪ some kind of radar system locked in on love ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning i'm gonna wish i had a sign ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a little heads-up little leeway little more time ♪ ♪ some kind of radar system locked in on love i've got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning storm warning i'm gonna wish i had a storm warning storm warning ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wish i had a sign gonna wish i had a sign or a storm warning ♪
8:53 am
[ applause ] >> thank you so much! it's such a tough... yeah.
8:54 am
the spectrum is from lg. and the r2 unit is from... from naboo. naboo. yeah. the spectrum's got a 4.5" screen, fits nicely in your hand. r2-d2 needs a starfighter. starfighter ? that's like a million dollars in gas. yeah, it's pricey. it's got verizon's 4g lte for lightspeed downloads and a true hd screen to watch movies. i'm going to go with the... it's a good choice. ... phone. the lg spectrum powered by verizon 4g lte, for true hd mobile entertainment.
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8:56 am
hunter hayes! [ applause ] >> he's going to sing another one online for us. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> tomorrow live here on "gma," the oscar nominations. we will have it all. full coverage. who's in and who's out, tomorrow morning. thanks for watching abc news. have a great day!
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi is schedule today return to court this morning where a judge is expected to set a trial date. he faces three counts related to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's eve. he's pleaded not guilty. >> meteorologist mike nicco checks the forecast. >> showers starting to taper within batch in marin county another heading around san ramon, danville, all heading southeast 25 to 35 miles per hour. by 10:00

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